'Let's Explore Space' was made because there's a lot of things we, humans are doing to explore more about Space. But when I wanted to read about these, I couldn't find a single source of information that tells me all about a mission. To get to know the smallest details I had to watch entire videos that are about 8 - 10 minutes long so I made this blog where you can know what the Space Agencies are upto in just a 1 minute read !

Earth and Space
Spacecraft in Orbit


My name is Sparsh Bhowmick and I am from Bengaluru, India. I am 11 years old and I love Space and want to learn anything and everything about Space, I even want to be an astronaut one day ! That is also another reason I made this blog. I also like sports like Hockey, Basketball and Football. I also like movies related to Space like Martion and Star Wars !