An Indian lander and rover will soon go to the moon but not from ISRO !

Team Indus an Indian space startup has made a lunar lander and a lunar rover.

It's mission was to win the Google X Prize ( A prize given to privately funded space agencies that have gone to the Moon, the winner receives a prize of $30 million.). Team Indus is still trying to go to the Moon even though the competetion ended in 2018 because no company made it to the Moon by December 31, 2018.

Their lander:-

Z-01 is TeamIndus's lunar lander, and was previously known as HHK1. On its maiden mission it would carry up to 40 kg of commercial payloads.It features a main engine that produces 440 Newtons, and sixteen 22 Newton thrusters for finer orbital maneuvers and attitude control. Its first mission was planned to launch in Quarter 3 of 2020, on a Falcon 9 rocket but the contract was cancelled by Orbit Beyond in July 2019.

Their Rover:-

The rovers name is ECA which is a abbreviation to Ek Choti Asha (Hindi for-A small hope).

It's a 4 wheeled solar powered rover, its mass is less than 10 kg, and its maximum drive

speed is about 6 cm/s.The rover will last for only 1 Lunar day.

Now that Team Indus's deals with ISRO and Orbit Beyond have been broken they are now working with a Japanese company called Hakuto..

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