Are you ready for the 5th American rover on Mars ???

NASA is sending another rover call Perseverance by July 2020 to the Jezero crater to study Mars' surface to check if humans could ever live on Mars by bringing back a sample from Mars' surface.

The Perseverance rover will use the same sky crane landing system as Curiosity, but will have the ability to land in more challenging terrain.

The rover is scheduled to launch on 22 July 2020 and land on Mars in February of 2021.

The Rocket

The Rocket that takes perseverance to Mars is the Atlas V. It is an expendable launch system originally designed by Lockheed Martin, now being operated by United Launch Alliance.

The Atlas V is the fifth major version in the Atlas rocket family.

This will not be the first time the Atlas V rocket will take a payload to Mars as it was the rocket that took the payload of the MAVEN to Mars.

Sky Crane

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