Everyone deserves a second chance !

After the partial failure of India's Lunar landing mission, the Chandrayaan-2, ISRO plans on doing a Chandrayaan-3 ! The plan was to land Vikram on the Moon and Vikram was supposed to let the rover- Pragyaan out to study the Moon and Lunar Water, but due to a hard landing caused by a software glitch. They were supposed to do the Chandrayaan-3 with Japan in 2024 but they had to succeed alone first so, they are doing Chandrayaan-3 alone in 2021 and later they will do the Lunar Polar Exploration mission with Japan and the United States of America. Chandrayaan 3 will cost about $86 millon which is less than Chandrayaan 2 because Chandrayaan 3 won't have a orbiter. Chandrayaan 3 will make India the fourth country to ever do a soft landing on the moon after the USSR, USA and China !

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