Russia and Europe are going to the Red Planet: Mars !

The goals of ExoMars are to search for signs of past life on Mars, investigate how the Martian water and geochemical environment varies, investigate atmospheric trace gases and their sources and by doing so demonstrate the technologies for a future Mars mission that collects a sample like a Mars rock. The first part of the programme is a mission launched in 2016 that placed the Trace Gas Orbiter into Mars orbit and released the schiaparelli EDM lander. The orbiter is operational but the lander crashed on the planet's surface. The second part of the programme was planned to launch in July 2020, when the Kazachok lander will deliver the Rosalind Franklin rover on the surface, supporting a science mission that is expected to last into 2022 or beyond. On 12 March 2020, it was announced that the second mission was being delayed to 2022 as a result of problems with the parachutes, which could not be resolved in time for the launch window. The Baikonur Cosmodrome is a spaceport located in an area of southern Kazakhstan leased to Russia and it is where the Kazachok lander will be launched from the Russian rocket - Proton. To know more watch this video :-

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