SpaceX will break yet another record !

SpaceX will break another record as it is making the world's first and only fully reusable super heavy lift launch vehicle (rocket) called the Starship by 2021. It will also have a payload capacity of 330000 pounds making it the heaviest payload capacity of a rocket to have ever existed. The will cost only $2 million (according to Elon Musk) making it one of the lowest costing rockets ever! Elon Musk also hopes that he can use the Starship for Multi-planetary travel and Mars colonization. The Starship will have a booster stage and a core stage making it a two stage to orbit rocket. Starship's crew module called the Starhopper was funded and selected by NASA as 1 of the 3 Lunar landers of the Artemis mission !

The first stage of the Starship will be ignited by 31 Raptor engines creating a thrust of 72000000 Newtons which is about 7 times the thrust created by the GSLV mark 3 (India's most powerful rocket) on it's first stage, and the second stage will be ignited with 6 Raptor engines creating a thrust equal to 12000000 Newtons!

I hope SpaceX suceeds and I wish them the best of luck !

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