The world's going reusable !

Many agencies like Blue Origin ISRO and ESA are making reusable rockets like ISRO's rocket called the RLV-TD( Reusable Launch Vehicle - Technology Demonstrater) Blue Origin's New Glen and ESA's Space plane called the Space RIDER(Space Reusable Integrated Demonstrator for Europe Return). ISRO is also making another type of Reusable rocket called the ADMIRE that is a VTVL(Vertical Take-off and Verticle Landing) rocket but not much is known about it.


The RLV-TD is India's first reusable rocket that will function like the Space Shuttle.

The RLV-TD successfully completed its first atmospheric test flight on 23 May 2016, which lasted for 770 seconds and reached a maximum altitude of 65 kilometres (40 mi). It was designed to evaluate various technologies, and development of the final version is expected to take 10 to 15 years.The fully developed RLV is expected to take off vertically like a rocket, deploy a satellite in orbit, return to Earth, and land on a runway. It's engines are called the Scramjet engines that lasted for 7 seconds acheiving Mach 6 in their ground test. ISRO aims to bring down the cost of payload delivery to low Earth orbit by 80% from existing $20,000/kg to $4,000/kg with the RLV-TD.

Space RIDER :-

The Space RIDER is a planned uncrewed orbital spaceplane aiming to provide the European Space Agency(ESA) with affordable and routine access to space.Its expected maiden flight is in 2022.The Space RIDER will be launched from ESA's rocket the - Vega-C. In April 2018, ESA released an Announcement of Opportunity to fly small payloads onboard Space Rider's maiden flight.[By June 2019, the project was advancing towards the Critical Design Review at the end of 2019.In late November 2019, the project was fully approved by ESA and will be funded mostly by Italy. The Space RIDER can be reused upto 6 times.

New Glenn :-The New Glenn is named after John Glenn and is a heavy-lift orbital launch vehicle in development by Blue Origin. Design work on the vehicle began in 2012. The vehicle itself, and the high-level specifications, were initially publicly unveiled in September 2016. New Glenn is described as a two-stage rocket with a diameter of 7 meters (23 ft). Its first stage will be powered by seven BE-4 engines that are also being designed and manufactured by Blue Origin. The first stage of the rocket will be reusable.In October 2018, the Air Force announced Blue Origin was awarded $500 million for development of New Glenn as a potential competitor in future contracts. The development and manufacture of the New Glenn is being funded by Jeff Bezos, founder of, and the US Air Force.

By September 2017, Bezos had invested US$2.5 billion into New Glenn

Source credit: Wikipedia

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