We are going back to the Moon !

NASA is sending humans back to the Moon, and it's not Appolo 18, it's Artemis !

NASA has decided to send humans back to the Moon through a new program called Artemis (which means the Goddess of the Moon)!

The most important part of this mission are the astronauts and they will be on the Orian crew module. The Orion Crew Module is a partially reusable space capsule planned to be used after 2021 Artemis program. It is capable of supporting a crew of six beyond to the low Earth orbit, Orion can last 21 days undocked and up to six months docked.

They are also making the world's most powerful rocket the SLS block 1B !

It consists of a crew module, cargo hold, launch abort system, an upper stage, a massive core stage and 2 solid fuel rocket boosters ! It weighs 6 million pounds out of which 5.2 million is just fuel In 2 minutes the rocket boosters are released and at 8 minutes the core stage is released. Then the upper stage fires placing the Orian into the orbit, then the upper stage fires again and that get's Orian out of the Earth's gravitational pull ! Then once the crew near the Moon, they dock onto a Lunar Station called Gateway! Once on the Gateway, they move to a Lunar Lander that lands on the Moon and also gets them back to the Gateway. Then they go back to the Orian that fires them back to the Earth.

Source Credit: Wikipedia

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